Hope Universe–Our Brand Is Hope

Hope Universe–Our Brand Is Hope


Join the Are You HOPED? Campaign

In honor of April National Month of Hope 2023, Mothers In Crisis is implementing the Hope, Pass It On and Save a Life Campaign, by providing practical tools and training to help people become more hopeful and share hope with others as hope is needed now more than ever. Mothers In Crisis is providing practical …

Mothers In Crisis, Inc. is Changing the World through Hope

Mothers In Crisis, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) faith-based non-profit organization. “Mothers In Crisis is committed to linking families and communities together to provide networks of support and encouragement for families to live productively, empowered, hope-filled lives.” Dr. Rosalind Y.L. Tompkins founded Mothers In Crisis in April 1991. Mothers In Crisis reaches out to families by …

Great Things Happening in Hope Universe

We are encouraging everyone to explore creative ways to promote the awareness of hope all year long. We suggest attending a Hope Immersion Retreat Workshop to learn how to become more hopeful and share hope with others. Please visit

Learn to Become More Hopeful Through the Practice of Hopeology

Learning to Become More Hopeful is a wonderful and life changing process that is important to spiritual, mental, and physical well being.


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