Hope Universe–Our Brand Is Hope

Hope Universe–Our Brand Is Hope

Join the Are You HOPED? Campaign

Mothers In Crisis launched the “Are You HOPED?” Campaign during April National Month of Hope 2024. HOPED stands for Helping Others Practice Empowerment Daily. Mothers In Crisis is spreading hope and help by providing support and resources to help families in need. 

What it means to be HOPED (Helping Others Practice Empowerment Daily)

  • Know how to Think, Speak, and Imagine Hope
  • Know how to take Hope Breaks
  • Know how to Rest in Hope 
  • Know how to make Hope Connections by having Hope Chats, and creating Hope Fusions and Hope Spheres
  • Know how to move from Despair to Hope

Think Hope

  • Watch out for negative self-talk and begin to train your brain to think through negative thoughts.
  • Surround yourself with hopeful people.

Speak Hope

  • Learn to Speak Hope by adding the word “Yet” to your vocabulary because remember hope is future oriented. Example, “It has not happened, yet!” That implies that you believe that it will happen in the future.
  • Examples of Hope Language include: “All is well.”, “Everything is going to be alright.”, “Change is coming.”, “I can make it.”, “I will try again.”, “It’s okay.”, “Things are going to get better.”

Imagine Hope

  • Anchor your hopeful thoughts and language with imagery based upon the things you are hoping for.
  • Take time to envision the future you would like to see.

A Hope Connection occurs when you bring Hope to Someone by Connecting with your Heart!

Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Get HOPED by the Practice of Hopeology Today!

Enjoy our photo gallery from April National Month of Hope Kick-off 2024! We Congratulate all our Champion of HOPE Awardees 2024:

  • SRM Concrete
  • Olean’s Cafe
  • Felicia Gilyard
  • Linda Blackshear Smith

Mothers In Crisis thanks all of our Sponsors for 2024 April National Month of Hope. As the list continues to grow, we will update:


  • Hopeologist Services
  • Sharon Durham, MSW
  • Divine Design Mastermind IT
  • SRM Concrete


  • Prime Meridian Bank
  • Leon County Board of County Commissioners
  • The Beatitude Foundation
  • Flipper Chapel A.M.E.
  • Neece Tires
  • DEE Ministries
  • Bethel Missionary Baptist Church


  • Nettie Walker Palmore
  • Earl Bacon Insurance Agency


  • Branding 4 Success
  • Strong and Jones Funeral Home
  • Widows and Widowers Group
  • Leon County Sheriff’s Department


  • Dr. Alfreda Blackshear, MD
  • AL’S Community Business Services
  • Debbie Drayden


  • Cumulus Media Tallahassee Market
  • 96.1 FM
  • Power 97′ D Radio

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