Learn to Become More Hopeful Through the Power of Hopeology

The Practice of Hopeology utilizes components of social, spiritual, and educational models, and it consists of powerful, practical concepts that will enable you to wrap your head, hands, and heart around hope. I truly believe that if each person does these things and helps others to do them, the world will be a better place. The Practice of Hopeology advocates for hope as a way of thinking and living. When you embrace the Practice of Hopeology you can become more hopeful and spread hope to others. I believe that together we can change the world through hope.

Hope Immersion Retreat (HIR) Workshops are Available

We encourage everyone to schedule a Hope Immersion Retreat Workshop in person in small groups, or virtually. During Hope Immersion Retreat Workshops Hopeologist Dr. Rosalind Tompkins teaches the practical principles of the Practice of Hopeology. Learn how to become more hopeful and release the power of hope to others. Contact Mothers In Crisis to schedule a HIR Workshop by calling (850) 222-7705 or email mothersinc@aol.com.

Mothers In Crisis encourages everyone to Think and Imagine Hope. By that we mean look for hope in every challenging situation.  When you “think hope” you can find solutions.

You can train your brain to Think Hope by taking Hope Breaks. 

Steps to Taking Hope Breaks:

  • Schedule breaks into your normal routine in five-minute increments
  • Find a quiet place
  • Take five to ten deep breaths
  • Think about good things happening, instead of the worst-case scenario think of the best-case scenario, think about all the great things that could happen and will happen
  • Make an affirmation and speak it out loud, example ( I will be okay) (Things are going to be alright)
  • Repeat as often as needed

In addition have Hope Chats:

*The Seven steps to having Hope Chats:  Identify, Prepare, Go, Listen, Encourage, Empower & Wrap-Up

1. Identify Someone Who Needs Hope

2. Prepare yourself for the Conversation

  • Turn on your belief that things can get better
  • Put on your unconditional love

3. Go to them and look them in the eyes and say something like, “I care about you and wanted to check in with you to see how things are going.”

4. As they share listen to them with a ”hope” face (warm, non-judgemental, inviting)

5. After they are finished sharing encourage with, “I can understand why you might see things that way.”  Then ask them, “Deep down, what do you want most?”

6. After listening to their answers empower with, “I have an idea, may I share it with you?”

7. Wrap-up with, “Just know that I am here for you and I believe that things are going to get better because remember, as long as there Is breath in your body, there is hope.”

Have a Hope Chat & Tell Us About It!   (850) 222-7705 or email mothersinc@aol.com.

Through the efforts of Mothers In Crisis, the National Day Calendar designated April as the National Month of Hope. National Day Calendar

In April 2016 in honor of Mothers In Crisis 25th anniversary, MIC received proclamations from the City and County designating every Friday as Hope Universe Day.  On Hope Fridays, share hope and help with those in need. 

Ways to Celebrate Hope:

  •         Encourage family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues
  •         Give time, food, and money to help families in need
  •         Minister to those incarcerated by writing letters and visiting
  •         Post on social media words of hope with Hash-tag #hopeuniverseday
  •         Share your testimony of overcoming and going through hard times
  •         Volunteer by reading to children in schools
  •         Smile and hug someone and say “Happy Hope Universe Day!”
  •         Clean up areas where there is trash such as parks and neighborhoods

How can I find hope?  By becoming a Citizen of Hope Today! Just Click the link and Sign-Up: CITIZENSHIP OF HOPE UNIVERSE

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