Official Press Release

Rosalind-Tompkins-Holding-Stress-BallsRelieve Tension with 10,000 Balls for Hope Campaign and Essay Contest

Nationwide – The nonprofit organization, Mothers In Crisis, Inc. launched the 10,000 Balls for Hope Campaign and Essay Contest because too many people are experiencing record levels of stress in these uncertain times due to the coronavirus pandemic and the underlying stressors associated with navigating a new normal. Although hope is on the horizon because of the COVID-19 vaccinations, stress related habits such as jaw clenching, grinding of teeth, and biting fingernails are increasing. In addition, studies reveal that many health problems are directly related to stress and affecting people at alarming rates such as hypertension, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and gastrointestinal problems.

The good news is that help is here through the 10,000 Balls for Hope Campaign. Volunteers of Mothers In Crisis launched the campaign by giving stress balls to essential workers and others in need of hope. Along with the stress balls participants are encouraged to take “hope breaks” says president and founder, Rosalind Tompkins. During this grassroots campaign Mothers In Crisis’ goal is to distribute 10,000 hope stress balls and other gifts such as food, care packages, and gift certificates to participants during key holidays throughout the year leading up to April the National Month of Hope. When Tompkins gives each person a hope stress ball she encourages her/him to hold it and squeeze it whenever they are feeling overwhelmed. She tells them to say, “As long as there is breath in my body, there is still hope.”

This is a part of Mothers In Crisis’ “Whole Hope Campaign, Hopeologist®”, a movement created to promote the public awareness of hope through public advocacy. In addition to distributing the hope stress balls Mothers In Crisis also launched the Balls for Hope Essay Contest, requesting recipients of the hope balls to write essays about how they used them to relieve stress. Winners of the Essay Contest will receive cash prizes. Please visit for more information about the 10,000 Balls for Hope and Essay Contest and learn how to receive a Free Hope Stress Ball.