Hope Universe–Our Brand Is Hope

Hope Universe–Our Brand Is Hope

Become Licensed in Promoting Hope

You can be Licensed to utilize the trademark Hopeologist®, which is: Trademarked with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Class 35: Promoting the public awareness of hope by means of public advocacy utilizing the copy written work ‘Practice of Hopeology’.

You can also become Certified in the ‘Practice of Hopeology’ through the usage of Hope Immersion Retreat Workshops.

The initial Certification requirements are as follows:
1)      Attend at least one (1) Hope Immersion Retreat (HIR) Workshop Training
2)      Host at least one (1) Hope Immersion Retreat Workshop
3)      Successfully pass the Practice of Hopeology Certification Exam (PHCE)

Benefits to being Licensed and Certified are as follows:

·        When Licensed, you will be able to use the trademark Hopeologist® in your services and products.
·        You will become a partner with Mothers In Crisis Hope Pass It On Campaign and will therefore have access to attend and sponsor events and initiatives.
·        You will have access to use the Turning Point International Church’s Hope Immersion Retreat Center to host HIR workshops and events designed to promote the public awareness of hope.
·        You will have access to founder and president Dr. Rosalind Tompkins to provide consultation, training, and speaking services as needed in order to help you design and establish your practice of hopeology.
·        You will be able to purchase training and promotional materials at a discounted rate and you will be permitted to copy and use the Practice of Hopeology booklets as needed.
·        You will be able to receive income from your paid speaking engagements, HIR workshops, and other profitable events utilizing the Practice of Hopeology.

If you would like to proceed with the Licensing and Certification process email Rosalind Tompkins at rosalindytompkins@gmail.com.

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