Hope Pass It On and Save a Life!

In honor of April National Month of Hope 2022, Mothers In Crisis is implementing the Hope, Pass It On Campaign, by providing practical tools and training to help people become more hopeful and share hope with others as hope is needed now more than ever. As we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, many have lost loved ones and need practical ways to stay hopeful. Mothers In Crisis is providing practical self-help strategies through the practice of hopeology. Please visit www.practiceofhopeology.com.

Mothers In Crisis kicked off the National Month of Hope 2022 in Detroit Michigan as Mothers In Crisis used to have a Detroit chapter in 1994-1997. Our former Detroit Chapter president, Pam Morgan received a HOPEE (Helping Others Practice Enduring Empowerment) Award this year. She hosted us and planned several outreaches including one to City Hall where we had a rally and a prayer walk. Read More: What Brings Me Hope: April the National Month of Hope | Tallahassee.com Community Blogs

Mothers In Crisis thanks all of our Sponsors For 2022 April National Month of Hope Pass It On, Save A Life Campaign:


  • Flipper Chapel AME
  • Apostle Daryl Robinson HIS International Prayer Outreach
  • Wendy McGhee and Associates
  • DDM M&T
  • Rosalind Tompkins
  • SRM Concrete


  • Leon County Board of County Commissioners
  • Dr. Rebecca Judd
  • Sharon Durham


  • Talquin Electric Headquarters
  • Nettie Walker Palmore


  • Prime Meridian Bank
  • Earl Bacon Agency, Inc.
  • Neece Tire & Auto Service
  • Leon County Sheriff’s Department
  • The Beatitude Foundation
  • Sharon Giles
  • Strong & Jones Funeral Home
  • Dr. Temple O Robinson, MD


  • Dr. Alfreda Blackshear, MD
  • Oscar Lightfoot
  • Ms. Amanda Green
  • Network for Good
  • Fountain of Blessings
  • Blue Ribbon Cleaner
  • Apostle Pam Morgan
  • Judge Monique Richardson
  • Aaronetta Frison


  • Cumulus Broadcasting – Radio PSA’s
  • FOX 49 and NBC Channel 40 -Television PSA’s
  • WCTV Moms Everyday

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